The Home Seller’s Guide – The Home Selling Process Step by Step


It’s a bit of a science actually. You want to get the best price, but you can’t be out of line with market conditions. What to do? Start by being as informed as you can and by choosing an experienced agent who knows your neighbourhood and the current market. We will provide information and educate you so you feel confident you can make the right decisions.

Following is a guide to help you sell your home and lead you through every step of the process. From showing you how to increase the appeal of your home and setting a price that will maximize your profitability to discussing offers and closing the sale.

In this Guide, you’ll find it all outlined in eight simple steps.

Step 1: Deciding to Sell Your Home
Step 2: Finding a Real Estate Agent to Sell Your Home
Step 3: Listing Your Home for Sale
Step 4: Preparing Your Home for Sale
Step 5: Reviewing and Accepting an Offer on Your Home
Step 6: Negotiating and Counteroffers
Step 7: Home Closing Process
Step 8: Home Moving Tips